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Autumn 2018
Corals, WWF, Videoart
garbage and cotton cords
Francesca Eugeni and Pipi Lotti Rist
public swimming pool, Bern

MEDALS,” that’s how Pipilotti named it when she called me about half a year ago. “Where are you?”, “I’m sitting with Francesca in the sand on the Costa del Azahar…”, “Perfect, good timing…” and Pipi told me about a project she was developing – save the corals! She talked about projecting videos at a large public swimming pool in Bern onto the swimming, diving guests and combining the whole thing with a game. Then she asked me if I could be interested in making the “prizes” for this game. So it happened that Fransesca and I, as soon as we were back from Spain in Salento, were collecting garbage for a very intense week on the Salentine beaches. The theme – “Medals” had been anticipated by Pipi already, all we had to do was look, find, wash, combine and make. 604 times, that’s all we could do this week. And so all guests of this action, which Pipi presented in cooperation with the WWF, received their own individual GARBAGEMEDAL.

..and because he insisted so nicely to create this page, we want to dedicate this jewelry works to Jörg Tiefenthaler.