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2015, ongoing
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ONCE MORE ABOUT MY WORK III  (PDF – third link bellow)
otu: it’s hard to believe – it’s been a whopping 8 years since we last spoke. we said a year,
now it’s almost a whole dog’s life.
omi: what dog are you talking about?
otu: any
omi: no wonder we didn’t talk for a long time, with that level of content.
otu: seriously, what happened to stretch our “one year” so much?
omi: i suppose more interesting things, we just didn’t think about it.
otu: well, i’m glad that you again see this extremely reduced pragmatically, and from this
energetically fresh occasion i want to immediately – as far as you allow me to – send my
entire list of questions ahead…
omi: sure, send ahead, racing reporter!


MORE ABOUT MY WORK  II    (PDF – second link bellow)

otu: thanks for giving me another round asking you questions.
omi: sure, who else could ask me if not you?
otu: yes, well.. okay, so please lets come back to some answers of you which didn’t satisfy me, okay?
omi: okay, i’m sure they were satisfying me even less.
otu: so you where explaining me why and how responsibility is important to you.. omi: ..the most important.. otu: yes. but i still can’t see more than a word-trick. you bring the term back to its etymological meaning, but why does this make one more responsible knowing about that word-source?
omi: well, if you understand the deep meaning of a term then you use the term meaningful, no?
otu: yes, but you can say “red” and still do “blue”.

. . .

ABOUT MY WORK / THIS SITE I (PDF -first link bellow)

otu: so.. congratulations you finally did it and have your own website. are you happy with it?
omi: well, yes. i am happy that finally my different works from different contexts and sites have their own harbor now. i call it the PORTO FOLIO.
otu: aha, and why does it look more like a portal from different people and things than one site of one person?
omi: i am no other. one of my favorite words is responsibility. this term got under the wheels of the moral truck and only few can remember its rolling meaning. in itself it means to respond. to be responsible means to respond to life. to others, to ideas, to things. my projects are all responses. pieces of a bigger dialog or polyog if you want. this is also why i call some of my works (p)art and not art.
otu: if you will pardon the expression, but that sounds like a cheap trick to make yourself more important.

. . .