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2011, ongoing
good neighbourhood
Marzia, Ruggiero and Damiano
Al Buco Preferito

..that means TO THE FAVORITE HOLE. don’t ask me why, but few years ago i lived above a pizzeria. THE pizzeria in Polignano a Mare, i even would say in THE world, very good! ..Marzia, Ruggiero and Damiano a running it.. and we became friends, i got even gratis pizza and beer when they were partying downstairs. one day Damiano asked me if i’d like to do the new summer flyer. since this day we (i never eat pizza alone) didn’t pay our beer’n pizza again. THE pizza. so sure i do the new summer flyer, i always wanted to do a summer flyer. pizza and beer for graphics that was, is and will always be our deal! so step by step, like in other occasions parallel to their income we transform the BUCO into a pizzajoyplace. i hope you can feel that a bit..



1st, nothing, just some facebookgreetings i sent them once from an autumn-trip..

2nd, 3dr, A and B from THE flyer.. A5, triptych

next 4 rows, VOLARE! i had to do that, first because i thought Modugno is pure kitsch, but he’s pure art. and then because i couldn’t stand anymore what always-the-same-boring volare images there are around me. so i sampled (it was a gift, please don’t sue me copyrightholder!) some beautiful images from my early-photos-archive, looked for “flying images” and searched for letters within. 5 x 56 x 80 cm. c-prints.

9 small versions of the menu-cover (gift!)

Рthere is this huge ugly fridge right in front of you when you enter.. with a barbaric logo on it.. when i realized that there is a magnetic print surface  i proposed this pizzatower with film-, poetry- and music-titles. on top of the fridge continues the real pizza-box-tower