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15th of June 2017
pen(s)a differente
graphic, body and soul
Anna Maria de Filippi and Company
Teatro Romano, Lecce

i feel honored, finally, I’m getting younger. The choreographer Anna Maria di Filippi asked me (together with another 6 boyfriends of dancers in her ensemble Atto ..) if i’d like to perform a little piece of AMORE E PSICHE. Two days missing and i’m going to be on a dance-stage for the first time :). The play is part of the Festival PEN(S)A DIFFERENTE.

In addition, she asked me if i wanted to design the invitation card. Twice, a pleased
Yeah, sure!!

And it feels as the start of a fresh collaboration. I just was proposing to Anna Maria to do a stage setting together as well. She smiled and said that she just wanted to ask me the same.





– Side A, invitation card. The Dancer is Caterina Bergamo, the photograph i took last autumn during a shooting for a 6 x 3 m billboard which you see further bellow – the 1st collaboration i did with Anna Maria

– Side B, invitation card

– Billboard 6 x 3 m, near Porta Napoli, Lecce, Winter 2016/17