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2010 - 2015, ongoing
open question
digital photography / postprocessing

..this series i started because of my adoration for “liquid structures“, the marvelous move in everything, and how this move forms and shapes infinite beauties without ever stopping its flow. i can find it for instance in an open Kiwi, a red Cabbage or the sparkling skin of a fresh Zucchina. actually we can watch this fluxpression in every living structure, while watching is nothing different from this flux.

so i just choose the structures that choose me while i’m cooking or at the greengrocer.. so here we got three first works of an ongoing series, the RED Kiwi, the GREEN cabbage, and since 01/2018, the NO_COURGETTE – CECI N‘EST PAS UNE COURGETTE. Each picture questions in its own way the origin of life – the origin of the liquid – by implementing culture into the nature of these structures. in the Zucchina-case i did it “overall”, reflecting on Magrittes Ceci n’est pas une pipe from 1929, and extended the “problem of image and reality” to a “problem of the static and the flow”.

the RED image got the Moon, the GREEN image as well as the NO_COURGETTE uses a Nasa-image of the Mars. the first small version of GREEN i did many years ago and used it as the letter header for calc-diseño C.B ( the bottom of the page).

since a while i’m working on a fourth – ONIONSQUARE – a floating white half onion over the Arctic sea ice.




















RED (kiwi), 2015

GREEN (red cabbage), 2010