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2010 - 2015, ongoing
open question
digital photography / postprocessing

..this series i started because of my adoration for “liquid structures” – as we can find them for instance in an open Kiwi or Red Cabbage. actually we can find this fluxpression in every living structure, just that sometimes it immediately makes me do something with it. so here we got two first works of an ongoing series (i just started to work on an onion floating over the north pole..) which want to put in their way in question the ever-open-question on life’s origin: is there an idea or something like a plan behind it or was there just one big bang and everything evolved by chance? the RED image got the Moon, the GREEN image got Mars as its world. i add this work in the (typo)graphy section just because i was doing GREEN while working in and with L-able (Pamela Campagna) and it was supposed to be a proposal for a fair on “sustainable architecture”.. but when i was finished i wanted to have the image “context-free”. the first small version of GREEN i did many years ago and used it a the letter header for calc-diseƱo C.B. from both images i produced three small print-editions (1/3 / 1/12 1/33 – c-print on 4mm alu-dibond) in three different format (101 x 142 cm / 70 x 100 cm / 50×70 cm)



RED (kiwi), 2015

GREEN (red cabbage), 2010