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clubbing - arting
laserbridge, heartbeats, soundbeats
Stefan Kainbacher
galerie c.art, Dornbirn

..in 2014 i was invited by the Conrad Sohm, my favorite club in Vorarlberg, and Gallery c.art in Dornbirn to meet Stefan Kainbacher and to develop a project with him. Stefan who? we met, we liked each other and felt grateful that the people from the club and the gallery owners brought us together. only three beers and we had the concept for BEATBOOK ready. this was the time when Edward Snowden made us understand a lot of ugly things, the same time and because of the same leaks FACBOOK got under same ugly light, so we easily found together to an alternative – the BEATBOOK. we would have loved to go on, but unfortunately the budget was much too high for 2014. the project is in the exited drawer now – one day.. bellow you find a PDF of our concept – german only, but the drawings also can explain you you it was meant. instead of BEATBOOK we asnwered with Y-LAND to the invitation.



–  drawings i did after we shared the idea, these drawings and the concept was presented in gallery c.art to potential partners, it worked quite fine but not fine enough