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1990 - 2007
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the c a l c booc is our (p)art of history, your little arthistory. around 95 when we already had our site online i started to write a kind of project diary. mentioning like all calculi (little stones..) which were part of the growing-ongoing mosaic of c a l c-life. diary sound, diary look. then the image became more and more important.. until they were image-lines, like there were word-lines, i liked it! it became like a parallel project for me. then end of 2007 when everything started to drift apart and our lives left more and more the plural we’ve been, we gave it another try on our new site, Teresa re-edited even big part of the old booc and i thought i will talk about how it came that we left in different directions.. but 2008 the booc itself drifted away.. these “directions” didn’t separate us psychological, just physical – i wouldn’t have told from dramas and soaps. but it got stressful, somehow this booc had to change. and it just stopped.. in all this liquid moves and changes. so we said that we just let it fall asleep and do a printed version of as soon as time will be ready for it.

check the PDF bellow if you wonder – 302 pages, 6,4 Mb