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1999 + still not ready

c-mail is a completely new (visual) way of generating and exchanging messages. instead of the alphanumeric code it uses the pixel itself as its basic element. creating a c-mail means to import into c-mails program a predefined amount of white pixels and arrange those – draw or write – with a line-cursor. its interface is radically simply – it just uses black and white and gives in a first step only the possibility to generate and reply a c-mail. the project is planed to be an open-source-freeware and will be launched with these elementary features only. c-mail stands for c a l c – mail (made by c a l c but also made with calc-ulis..). now i’m only waiting for Espe (my future programmer!) that she finishes her processing classes..



how the screen within the interface of c-mail is supposed to look like