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since 1992
Teresa Alonso Novo, Lukas Brunner, Malex Spiegel, Dani Gómez Blasco, Gernot Tscherteu, Judith Wielander, Silke Sporn, Alvaro Garcia Lanza, a.m.m.

When we talk about telematics we talk about making far things nearer, about messengers and messages, but especially, and people are not always aware of this most important message, which says that we can only understand ourselves if we understand the other.
Vilem Flusser, from the essay „Love thy neighbor“, Kunstforum March/April – 1992

the telematic side of c a l c, its virtual galaxy, was essential since the beginning in 91/92, when ideas and dreams of a decentralized net with its “horizontal data-flow” were still fresh and possible. and very naive. the quote from V. Flusser above was our credo then. so when we finally started to work on calc’s 1st website in 94 it was all outlined and planed as a project-bridge which would connect our marginal life at the northwest-atlantic-spanish “Landrand” (edge of the land) with so called centers of imagination and investigation. although the net didn’t evolve what it socially  promised it became our central tool and platform for all our activities in L.A. (Las Aceñas, Navia – Asturias, Spain). Here you see some examples how the interface then looked like. The oldest version got lost, only some contents can be found in the archive in the link bellow.

..don’t miss Gernot Tscherteus text on calcaxy which you find in the 1st link above! Gernot helped us a lot with structuring and setting up our 1st site!!



1st row, 1st icons from the 1st calcaxy

2nd row, section terms of 2nd calcaxy

3rd row, 3rd calcaxy

4th row, timeline-sketch for a grwoing calcaxy, which was then realized by Teresa Alonso Novo, David Cañavate Cazorla and Dani Gómez Blasco for lapanaderia

5th row, the actual calcaxy – archive