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1990 - 2009
art history
Teresa Alonso Novo
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the c a l c BOOC we were calling for many years a kind of online-diary in which we were telling what we’re doing and what we don’t. see the links above to see how this looked like in the last versions of calcaxy. when life proposed 2009 very different ways for all of the calcies the online BOOC felt asleep.. no one of us had time to keep it alive and we decided that one day, when time and budget allows it, we’re going to do a print-version. it seems that this day has arrived. or better this year – so in 2016 we – Teresa and me – want to give it a try: set up a crowd-funding request and look for collaborators. the BOOC doesn’t want to be a typical catalogue – piece after piece – but a kind of interweaved-open-source-copyleft-artbook – the artbook we never found. the BOOC wants to show from each project how it did arise, how it was outlined, what were its inspirations and influences, how it was financed and what it provoked or what project came-why-next. that is why we’re also planing to put a central project-map (derived from the c a l c or pix-cell , now cloud-atlas) in order to make that also visually/spatial/geographical comprehensible and accessible.



1st, the old pixcell / calcell which i first did because of the BOOC , (now cloud-atlas)

2nd, the first layout of how i did imagine to index all projects already from the outside. structurally its a 1:1 copy from a children book i’ve seen in Lolas nursery..

3rd, two simulations i did using Lolas book.. but its all open again, we might do something more simple..