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empty fridge
drawing, TV-photography, computer
Teresa Alonso Novo
houses and offices of people

calcunst .+ +  +.
these three plus and two dots meant Teresa and tOmi. we made this kind of calcunst-logo because we wanted to express that collaboration was a triple plus. As our friend Alvaro Garcia Lanza was pointing it out many years ago: If you do it alone you need 2 hours, if you do it with someone else you need a quarter an hour and you do it much better. in case you work well together of course.
but how can two draw together? they can’t, at least it wasn’t our case. but the feedbacks made everything clearer and “faster”. these little works (the smallest is only 1 x 3 cm) wouldn’t be here if Teresa with whom i lived and worked for about 20 years, wouldn’t have been close with her view, her intuition and her feedbacks. so these works are made in close collaboration although the papers or triggers were only touched by myself.
it all was an experiment on how art is presented, communicated and produced. technically the drawings were scanned and then enlarged, but only to a size we could afford (A4). some became like poster-size, others were even enlarged to 220cm width. and all was done to make some money (only by visiting people, the works were never exhibited) to help financing the set up of Casqueiro. it worked surprisingly well. people had the freedom to reject their work once they where brought to the decided size (which never happened) and got a floppy disk containing the image-data and copyright.



1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th row – drawings in my agenda

5th and 6th row – Polaroids from TV-screens, which i combined in two-frame-shortest-stories

7th, 8th and 9th row – some of Teresas work from this time