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..for this project we (Teresa Alonso Novo and me) were working on the concept with our friends from l a p a n a d e r i a, created the name, the graphics and all the communication campaign. casa + o – (house more or less) proposes a concept of housing in which the future resident can participate in the process and the finishing of his/her domicile. the project was very much inspired by an early project from novaron-architects in Switzerland where the idea of “more or less” was also applied, but on a less radical level. the central platform of communication was a website > www.casamasomenos.net < where five different grades of finishing (from – to +) where shown and could been structurally variegated. the final price per flat was diversifying in accordance to the grade of finishing the acquirer had chosen and were kept very much down. www.casamasomenos.net was realized as a kind of portal for similar projects which might follow to deepen this idea. the original URL is nor more active, please follow the links above to read more about it.



rendering of the prototype for casa + o . in Alcala, near Seville

2nd, 3rd, the flyer we did to announce the project