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Richard Prince show
Rudolf Sagmeister, Photo

Sommer 2014 the KUB was opening a show of Richard Prince. good one! in this context Prince and KUBs curator Rudolf Sagmeister organized an US-car-meeting on the museums square. 45 old-timer came. the same day Rudolf put a photo he did from his office window onto facebook. when i saw it i had a kind of “daily sensation” – and immediately wrote an e-mail to Rudolf asking if he could send me the image in high res. CHEVROLETTO i called the image which came out of it. Pistolettos sculpture doesn’t have wheels normally, only for this special occasion it does.

i made this edited photograph a present to Rudolf and Michelangelo then.. all of the sudden i realized that i’m doing that all the time: that i see something, look carefully > respond emotionally > an image pops up > i edit the pop upped image. and i remembered that i use to call these images some years ago calculi.. i must have a whole folder full of them somewhere. they were always gift-images. fast and passionate edited, sparkling, however you want to call it, giveaways. anyway, i want to do also a calculi-page, then i will rename this one and you can find more gifts.