(P)art  > democratic rain

2013, ongoing
israel >< palestine, streets of Jaffa
Artistis in Residence at ArtPort in Spring 2013, Malex Spiegel (rain-kit, Jana Hadravova (web) and Francesca Eugeni (photos)
Tel Aviv / net

..was the proto-project for an internet-art-project in the Israeli/Palestinian-public-space which was developed and presented to the local and internationally-virtual public, after a
one-week-workshop with the artists at the Ted Arison Family Foundation and ArtPort  in Tel Aviv at the beginning of May 2013.

DEMOCRATIC RAIN is a public internet-test-arrangement which invites all local or virtual passengers to participate via their smartphones or desktop computers and its specially
created web-site on a “RAIN”. The RAIN consists of “individual A4 sheets”, free-falling from a printer on a public square in Tel Aviv. On the sheets we can read an answer to the

All printed sheets will receive after a short time on the pavement, a “democratic equivalent presence” at an outer wall adjacent to the printer. Under www.democraticrain.net all
responses will be listed in chronological order. the same domain will remain afterwards at disposal for other people and RAINS in other contexts, for their starting points and questions. therefor we developed the rain-kit, an Rasberry Pi-kit on which everything is set – plug and rain. the rain-kit can be ordered and given for free to any democratic rain – you just have to send the kit back and use the democraticrains site.

..the project links an idea with which i started to play in 2004 in c a l c.


< IMAGES > more img. – see the projects facebook

1st, header facebook

2nd, early how-it-works-sheet

3rd, preparing the invitation-banner to hang

4th, 5th, 6th, some images from the rainnight