(P)art  > dropONE - one DROP

1999 - 2000
marCo Koeppel
cittadellarte, Kunsthalle Wien

in 1999 we (c a l c) developed oneDROP – dropONE. we wanted to project a mobile space as a permanent ‘web tent’ for the artists in residents in cittadellarte which until then didn’t have no intimate space where they could communicate or work in the net. the form and dynamic of dropONE is inspired by the phyisical phenomenon of the behavior of a drop: a space with a certain tension which indicates a progress (a swash..) towards a new state. dropONE is made of balloon silk, bars of fiberglass and a ring (above) and a disc (bellow) of plywood where the bars are positioned. its dimension are ~ 5,5, x 5 m and its overall weight less then 10 kilos. inside there is a knee high round table, a PC connected to the net and six fat pillows which allow up to six persons to meet and visit the net. with oneDROP we did a variation in collaboration with Michelangelo Pistoletto for a groupshow in the Kunsthalle Vienna, where we installed it as a studio for Pistolettos Segno Arte.



1st, building the drop from 2 to 3 dimensions, the flower works!

2nd, first appearances, 3rd image shows oneDROP in Vienna

3rd, 4th – DROPone in cittadelartes roof floor,