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2006 - suspended in 2012
daily life in a small city
architecture, communication design
c a l c in collab. with Jesús Manrique García, Pamela Campagna
Fantasio, Navia - Asturias

in 2006 c a l c disco C.B. created together with Pamela Campagna and in close collaboration with the architect Jesús Manrique García the name, all the graphics, the concept and the elements of the presentation – fiesta for a new private cultural center in Navia, Asturias. the building, its old name and use (El FANTASIO – la cinema, ex-teatro!) inspired the redefinition of the name and the whole strategy of communication: to play in all aspects with the basics of cinema, to define the center as a world of fantasy where everything is possible, where all expressions can get a platform, and the cooperate image and elements of the architecture do adjust themselves to different and miscellaneous contexts and requirements. the presentation (la fiesta!) was open to all people of Navia and was organized as a festive exhibition and presentation of the “near future” of FANTASIO. after statistic problems, political hickhack and the loss of nerves became too much, ‘near future’ became a graveyard. also the website doesn’t funk anymore, but it was lots of fun.