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Fanzine KNOSSOS, edition 1
Gabriella Saiello, Samuel Carpi and other colleagues
Knossos, (mainly) Emilia Romagna

..in early 2022 Gabriella ‘Gabry’ Saiello sent me a massage in which was written:

Κνωσσός – Knossós
Knossós is an independent artist-run publication dedicated to the discovery and promotion of experimental contemporary art. It reflects the modern society and its environment; it promotes the innovation and diversity of the mediums that make today’s art scene so intriguing and versatile.
It is an exercise in linking reality and fiction, history and myth; it speaks in metaphors.
The intent is to shape emotion through conventional and non, such as photography, writing, illustration and design. The project is curated by visual artists Gabriella Saiello and Samuel Carpi.

Through emotional evocation, man becomes a beast like the minotaur confined in the labyrinth. Labyrinth as a free and unprejudiced space.

Space in which get lost where one cannot find a way out as can sometimes be the condition of man. But also as a map of the complexity of the world in which various paths are possible simultaneously.
Just like Eros and Thanatos, the
labyrinth attracts and repels us, torn between wanting to find a way out and wanting to get lost in it.

What art can do is to define the best attitude to find the way of exit, even if that will be nothing more than passing from one labyrinth to another.

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