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2015, ongoing
bar, restaurant

FRUTTIVERSO i call the images i made for MALIKAFÉ. they all exist in small editions (1/3, 1/4 or 1/12) because i didn’t want to get paid for the pieces. why not? because although they are not expansive the Malikis couldn’t afford it – fine, i keep the whole copyright and see if i can deal something.. so its like a first exhibition in MalikafĂ©, we’ll see what happens. anyway i wanted to try something new working on the beauty and naked innocence of happy creatures such as fruits or blossoms. did you ever fall into a blossom? i did, its amazing in there, there are all colors, all lights, all forms and all liquidity. thats all, i felt kind of bloomy and fruity and just did these without thinking about anything else.



SEASEE, i started with the source of all.. (50 x 70 cm)

FRUTTIVERSO, the biggest print (100 x 142 cm) – i was dreaming of it after imagining some fruitisms while falling asleep..

GRAPEBOW, like the molecules of a rainbow you know.. (40 x 100 cm)

WO-MAN, this charming couple i made to indicate where the toilets are, but of course there more sophisticated ways to express that.. (70 x 50 cm)

FRAU BLUM (miss bloss), i took the photo of an awaking blossom of the passionfruit and added its growth-spirits.. (50,5 x 50,5 cm)