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1993, ongoing
telematics, groups
Teresa Alonso Novo and Lukas Brunner

..one of the best things which happened to us when we started with calc was a FAX which reached us in December 93 – Gernot Tscherteu wrote, telling us that a friend in Vienna had talked about this experiment at the edge of Europe where they were planning a telematic laboratory, an interactive studiosculpture… he told us about himself, that he decided to write his dissertation (sociology) on the effects that telematic media will have on our lives.. and that he’d love to come to visit us to analyze our concept, the way we’re going towards its realization and – who knows – that he’d be open for all eventual collaborations this visit might provoke. we were happy to read him and invited him right after. Gernot came for more than a half year. we could learn so much from him, his ways of looking at things from different perspectives and the methods (collective memories!) he was using. so here you find all what he was writing then – all texts in German, some in Spanish and one in English. these texts were our theoretical start with telematics. Gernot practically also helped us then to set up our first website (and the mil house itself!) and is doing lots of cool and interesting stuff noways –> REALITYLAB!



–  Gernot working 94 with us, finishing the groundfloor – the ex mill-space – into the telematic laboratory

the same time outside, also here you can find him active..