Photography  > homeology - the calcaxy homepages 2008 - 2012

HOMEOLOGY – the c a l c homepages more often I was changing the homepage of c a l c as more surprising feedbacks I got (from few people)and felt encouraged to change them at least once a week.
these homes are all done spontaneous – it is what you see and read, but sometimes the image was linked to projects we were working on or we just finished. actually spontaneity is the negative theme of them all. then I noticed how my eye got like auto-ballwashed by this visual play and decided to do it “exclusively” – this became ‘il daily jetzt‘ then..


some examples which I was choosing randomly – at the button of the page you find a small version of the entire HOMEOLOGY, which you can order (135 x 136cm) for the f@ctory and shipping costs. just write me..

see also the antique homeology from 1996 – 2007

..and have a look at my facebookhomeology if you still don’t have enough