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2018 - . . .
the ears, the mouths, the space and the sorroundings
dear friends









..after i was happy to receive some fine feedbacks at ERGOT with my little CLOUDATLAS, i decide to ask some friends if they also would like to set up a round table for open questions. Questions for which we really don’t know the answer. Doubts, bad ideas, lonely plans.

Coming Wednesday at 20:30 we start with our 1ST QUESTION: how we want to organize, structure and record this forum? i will propose to use THIS PLACE to create a kind of archive. Every first Wednesday of the months with a fresh question. Right after our 1st meeting in a week – back to you with news on the answers.

. . .



..two weeks. The 1st sit-around was two days ago the 14th of February. Only Angela, Daniela, Paolo and Stefano could come. The others where sick, busy or gone. But it started fine touching the very basic questions, like ‘how do we want to manage the choice of the next question, who asks?’ (Lottery), ‘whats our wire?’ (whatsapp) and ‘shall we document this?’ (yes, starting with a simple logbook that Alesssandra proposed from bed). And finally ‘do we want to have homework?’ (yes, until next 1st Wednesday, 7th of march, we are are taking images of all “abandoned public displays” – like ex-commercial showcases, empty pedestals, abandoned advertising spaces, potential projection screens, etc.) and create an archive, asking us how we could use and activate all this windows and surfaces).  We will see.

‘Are we an open group?’ (Yes, everyone can bring people or just step in. There’s only one rule: listen, give time). Is there any ‘style of discussion?’ (yes, thinking about the difference between discourse and dialogue in the sense that the discourse wants to conserve Information, its an idea-keeping-system, whereas the dialogue generates ideas. It extends the probability to listen to what we never heard and to say what we never thought, and it provokes collaborations taking in first consideration what we don’t know, what we’re unsure about, what we’re embarrassed to say.  Dialogue is an open play with uncertainties, an idea-generating-system).

The lottery was choosing Angela, and her question, which she wired yesterday, for next time is:

Is the development of an artistic discourse closely linked to the territory to which it belongs? What in the cultural system that has been installed are we taking for granted?

..next week, my turn:

“Everyone is an artist” Joseph Beuys    

Do I share this vision of the world? Is art in the how and not in the what?

..then Stefano was chosen:

Is art-making fashion?  Are you an artist only if you’re a trendsetter?