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2015, ongoing
Mallkafé only

MALIKAFE – passion, food and music – all started with the blossom of the passion flower. what you see here is a simple translation of what was laying next to me and what i was trying to copy as precise as possible: the blossom of the passion fruit. this blossom is amazing.. they all are, but this one wants to tell us something more. it it was so near, because when i was listening to Rossella the first time she was mentioning in almost every sentence the word Passion. the second often term she used was Fruits, the third Health. Mallkafé is a new bar, restaurant and platform for all kind of activities which almost don’t exist in Polignano a Mare, like for instance fresh fruit shakes, life concerts and slow food. so i accepted with lots of sympathy and a very low (again) solidarity-budget.. now we’re going step by step, after i did the logo and its appereance (always color-different) in all kind of little announcements, flyers, etc., and i did an image series for the place as well, we want to change the interior/exterior design. now its kind of posh-plain, it’s supposed to be cyperhippie-undressed.



the naked 1st blossom i did..

variations, a wallpaper we’re working on for the backroom of the place

3 different visit-cards, side A and B

last 4 images, images we were using for announcements