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Liron Meshulam, lapanaderia, Seville

manilla pOOl we called the project me and Teresa Alonso Novo wanted to realize downtown Jerusalem. During a vistit in 99 our friend Tal Adler showed us this amazing huge and empty pool and we started to imagine.. when Liron Meshulam, which we met in UNIDEE 2002, invited us to do a project during ‘arting jersualem’ (website no more on____) we came back to the pool and elaborated the idea to “fill” it with 5000 red helium filled balloons, (80cm diameter, each) like a flying carpet / ceiling. Mamilla Pool is situated between a jewish quarter and an abandoned palestinian graveyard and without any use since many years. with the balloon installation we wanted to invite all children from both sides (…) to set up the balloons with us, and to add after two days of its presence a note to the string of each balloon before to let it fly. when Liron tried to get the permission for the project we were told by Jerusalems townhall that we need for each balloon the permission form three ministries, because of the “endangering of the public Israeli airspace that each single balloon describes”. due to this fact we never could realize it.



1st, 2nd, the dimensions, some pics from our visit, and the “future-model” that we have shown during spacePLACE

3rd, mamila pOOl – paraffin wax model – 120cm x 89,6cm x 20cm (external height) – paraffin wax and 5 proportionally
small plastic-model-figures. the wax model is placed on a 100cm x 69,6cm x 2cm wooden plate

4th, sketch-rendering of how the carpet/ceiling was supposed to fill the ppol