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friends of K.O.G.
Kesselhaus, Bregenz

MAPPE/MAPPA – SEE A PDF (sorry, so far all texts in german only )

MAPPE/MAPPA i promised to all those which would help me with at least 400€ in my first crowdfunding project K.O.G. – Künstler Ohne Grenzen. (Artist without Borders)

And after about a year I was able to present the work and its contexts. Instead of a conventional art space, I was choosing a cool bar – a different, more popular kind of meetings-space – which seemed to be made for this presentation – the Kesselhaus in Bregenz – Central Europe, because from there, almost all my backers are.

. . .

MAPPE / MAPPA consists of 8 text- and 8 image-sheets, or 4 picture-pairs. All images and all pairs are directly related to my work as K.O.G. in Lecce and and my close collaborations with Jules Ngamndamoun Pambain and Arcenio Bila Pignoni in nessunconfine.

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The MAPPE / MAPPA exists as a 1/52 edition and costs 500 Euro without shipping. If you want to support our work and wish to acquire it, please write to me. Thank you.
All the sheets can be seen under the following link / PDf.

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Parallel to the 8 images there where some other bigger formats on the wall. Images which I understood as enlargements of ideas from the MAPPE.








Mappe/Mappa, gray cardboard with linen loop and stamp

as the texts/images where shown in Kesselhaus – on tables.