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october 2016
1a grande festa dei cittadini del mondo
see last pages of the PDF

..a first nessunconfine-book I did on the 1ª GRANDE FESTA DEI CITTADINI DEL MONDO.  The book is thought as a GRAZIE MILLE to all the people which helped us to make this event come true and as a product/income for our friends – the African street vendors – in Lecce. It was generated exclusively with photographs guests did this night. Every ten pages you’ll find a black and white double page with an image from Piero Marsili Libellis work.  Just few weeks before the fiesta Piero was visiting the Greek refugee camp in Idomeni, which was evacuated by the police after some days these images were taken. As on the party, were we did an exhibition with the same works, this images want to remember us on the “other” side of the simultaneous reality.

The book is 100% visual, only on the last pages, where you’ll find all recipes from all the dishes which were served, it becomes textual.

The book was part of the cosmoculinarian menu which we served some days ago on the 1ª GRANDE CENA COSMOCULINARIA. have a look at its FB-album . . .

If you want a printed copy (A6, 160 Pages) please write me using the link on the letter-icon on top-left and I’ll send it to you.

The book exists also as a 1:1 XL-poster – 181 x 193 cm

To see the book as you’d see it laying in your hands please save it to your computer and view it as double-pages in Acrobat-viewer.