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2015 - 2020
luxury pets
160 x 226 mm polylactic acid bag
Otto Kramp
pedestrian zones

Pfui Vuitton, DOGshitBAG


For at least 5 years (living in the deep south of Italy) I have been wondering about the success and wide spread of a single pattern, the L.V. “Dogshitpattern”, as I called it apparently derogatory 5 years ago, but did not really mean it, because I love dogs.


Pfui” means Ugh in German. It is often pronounced short’n harshly towards children or dogs as a disciplinary tactic. PFUI! A conditioning in only one single-short-kind-of-mouth-fart-sound.


This derivation combines in the finest way with the legendary design of the ubiquitous brand pattern in all pedestrian zones, lowering itself to the height of the accompanying four-legged friends by offering them a chic shit sack.


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polylactic acid bag, 160 x 226 mm

the pattern as such