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introverted arthouse
Tal Adler, Damian Krpan, Richard Steiner, Paolo Bianchi
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..3rd time that we were invited to the KUB, year after year, it felt like a home career! Paolo Bianchi called again, organizing LKW II ( > I ). second floor with Walter Pilar and Justo Gallego Martinez, see here all the others, ..so, very difficult, almost impossible – the KUB! with all we did then and thought and experimented then this house was like an elegant funeral service headquarter. dynamite, butterfly breed farm, windows sponsoring for a breakthrough.. e decided that we would treat the KUB like HOLODECK, emphasized that with sticking a florescent silver-tape on the polished concrete floor (you still can see the traces today, hehe..) and showed just models of our works. plus a model from the models. so spacePLACE was a projection space more than a project space. beside the model, precisely in a corner of Holodecks grid we put a pile of maps – directions where the real thing could be found. parallel (Galerie) Lisi Hämmerle showed the model of the models, together with other little collateral pieces from KUB and KUNST IN DER STADT colleagues.



some images from the opening in the KUB, plus two images of the model of the models. spacePLACE was showing past-models from Casqueiro, a park for L.A., communimage, timeCLOUD, dropONE, a future-model from Mamila pOOl, the model of the models, and central via 5 km x 2m of 0,1mm thin food plastik – the up-to-you-model

the map, images of the models of the models, indications where the real can be visited