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extroverted / introverted
guests from cittadellarte and KUB
cittadellarte and KUB

TIMEcloud was our first c a l c project for an “in-between-space”, a space between the cozy and the fragile, between the “steadiness of the physical” and the “unsteadiness of the virtual”. In its first appearance in cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto (row 2,3) we were using TIMEcloud as a “web studio”. inside there was a long table for eight persons, two PC’s connected to the internet and us working on the first website for cittadellarte. the visitors were invited to come in and join the open questions regarding this process. its next and so far last presence it had in the KUB, Kunsthaus Bregenz (row 4,5), where we “turned this gesture” and closed the structure completely – only virtual visitors had the possibility to enter through a related website. inside the big “cocoon” we installed some media (camera, projector, printer, speakers – all connected to the internet) which could be fed by the public via the website which had TIMEcloud as a support, and send their files into the museums context. the camera projected incoming files onto TIMEclouds skin, the A4 printer, installed at the “asshole” of the cocoon, left the prints simply fall onto the ground, the speakers broke the museums silence once in a while, the camera allowed the only (virtual) view to the inside of the cocoon. as always when we did real-interactive projects, we were surprised by certain qualities (critical, humorous, creative, poetic) of the incoming files. my favorite moment happened during the opening speech from the director Edelbert Köb, when all of the sudden an Adriano Celentano song (Una Festa Sui Prati) cut his word and made the whole black-dressed-crowd laugh.

the structure is done with extremely thin and resistant food plastic and fiberglass rods, total weight 1,5 Kg