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2021 - ?
three former billboards
artists from all over
Via G. Paladini, Lecce

..after i proposed it a few years ago to the mayor in Polignano a Mare (he was very taken, found the idea great, etc., and it finally failed because of the blahblahism of the same) i try it this time in Via G. Paladini in Lecce.

on the way from the train station to the old town center are these 3 large, former billboards – each just over 3 x 3 meters in size. visible today are only 3 decayed wooden frames and very faint traces of the old advertising paintings.

i contact the cultural office of the city and propose to curate the three surfaces as a triptych – plan is to invite a new artist every 6 months. the only requirements are these 3 formats as “one” image/narration/tritych, the historical or/and contemporary city context and its special spacial “station axis”.

if the cultural office agrees to help, i will contact the owner of the wall.


< images 01 – ildailyjetzt 999+223_14/01/2022

< images 02 – 05 – simulations i did in order to seduce the town hall people