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2023-24- . . .
the me, the we and its multicultural public space
inhabitant data and print
Sigi Ramoser, Francesca Eugeni, Cary Baschnegger, Marco Apiotti and All
Reggio Emilia / Vorarlberg

< image 01, 02 what you see here as the first visual is THE POSTER* of the translation of a work – WER SIND WIR HIER.CHI SIMAO NOI QUI.WHO ARE WE HERE. – which i developed for the first time in Emilia Romagna, and which i will now, in spring 2024, transfer to 8 public spaces/places in Vorarlberg using the population statistics from this region.

..because before that, in February 2024, i was back in Via Roma in Reggio Emilia to realize a work in a street and a neighbourhood for which i had done research during a one-week residency a few months earlier.
The group “Via Roma non esiste” had invited me, and as i knew from my previous visits, they are primarily concerned with actions and signs in the common urban space that bring us closer together, or rather remove everything that divides us, such as prejudices and fear of the unknown and increase our common quality of life.

on the very first day, i asked Marco Apiotti, my dear curator who invited and looked after me, if he could get me the population statistics from the city, as i wanted to understand who all lives there.
when i transferred these data onto simple post-its, i was surprised by the curious beauty of the abundance of this whole and realized that the visitors to my final presentation of my residency felt somehow the same way. < image 03 they “knew” about this diversity, but they had never seen it like this before. so i decided to create a graphic for Via Roma from this sketch of the One of Many, and to realize this i chose as my visual template the image of the spectrum of visible light to us humans. < image 04
Marco persuaded Khan then, the owner of a small Tamil supermarket in Via Roma, to let us use the front door of his magazine. < image 05, 06 in order to appeal to as many people as possible, we had the short explanatory text Marco wrote about the whole thing translated into Arabic, English, Tamil and Chinese. < image 07

..and knowing that Austria is in the pre-election campaign, i decided with a close friend after in a great conversation with him, to transfer the idea to 8 cities/municipalities in Vorarlberg.
we thought we can take some wind out of the extreme right and populist sails and it can become more obvious that our diversity and the fact that we are historically all immigrants (no? check your DNA and the number of suns that shine on us) and that this multiplicity means cultural wealth. Life as One of Many.

in July 2024 – inshallah – all 8 leuchtende Bilder will be installed in Vorarlberg. i will then adapt the graphic you see at the top to the respective proportions and respective panes facing the public. they should then remain hanging in place until the end of 2024. after that i will attach pictures of all the locations and let you see them-

* THE POSTER  i created as the first image in order to sell it as a signed multiple to those who want to help me finance my work and expenses. If you are interested please write to me.