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02 - 05 2021
≈ 80 Gesprächspartner
MAGAZIN 4, Bregenz / QUADRart, Dornbirn 09/10_2021

(linked PDF bellow about my grant-time in Austria in german only, sorry)

From February to the beginning of May 2021 I was in Austria on a grant. The province of Vorarlberg and the city of Bregenz invited me to return once again (I was born in Hard, near Bregenz) to realize a project.

I came to Vorarlberg with a simple question: how can I translate the city map I had developed of and for Lecce and my African friends the street vendors into the local cultural context? So the ethical concept behind it, not the media format.

Because I have not lived there for 40 years, and appreciate this region only superficially, I decided to invite as many as possible “Life-quality-generators” to my studio to get to the bottom of this question.

People from the cultural, artistic, architectural and artistic scene, people from politics, activism, religion and philosophy, people from all kinds of fields that I already heard about, already knew, or were recommended to me by friends.

The fruits of these conversations and the interim answer to my initial question, which is again a question, will be shown at MAGAZIN 4 in Bregenz from September 17 to October 17, 2021.

The following PDF (german only, sorry) is the report to the Cultural Office of the country and the city that I wrote following this time.