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Summer 2018
Music & Cabaret Festival
prints, shoes and saddles
Kammgarn team
Vorarlberg, Kammgarn Hard

..somewhen in April I  received an e-mail from the Berufsvereinigung Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler Vorarlbergs (Association of Professional Fine Artists of Vorarlberg) with the open call from the team of the culture laboratory KAMMGARN in Hard to propose the central image for the yearly PHOEN-X Festival.

Conditions: just a small fee, but (which i liked a lot) the possibility to co-curate events or shows and to set up an own exhibition there. And because I was born in Hard, and thought it was a good moment to send some greetings, i sent some proposals.

The first image on the left  floating saddle / flying foot we were selecting after the Kammgarn team decided to work with me. I had completely free hand to realize everything; a pleasure!

We’re in the middle of the festival, in about a week I’ll meet the Team in Austria and we’ll see what next collaborations might come to our minds. I saw their (difficult) exhibition-space already in spring and would like to propose a poster show on Otto Kramps work.


naked image


ad in a mag