life and birth
various papers, lacquer paints, acrylic, pencil, colored pencils
both hands
Honolulu, Bregenz

05/01/2024 …a good two months ago i wrote about this in the last chapter of my book:


… I AM…, these three superimposed letters had something figuratively human and strangely beautiful. i also liked the fact that they were symmetrical and mirror images of each other, the same in your eyes as in mine. And that it was actually the most philosophically radical thing you could say and basically not question. i am an artist, or i am a stem cell transplant patient, or i am Austrian, is just more abstract, questionable, supposedly more, but actually meaningless… but the I AM was the essence – what everyone could claim about themselves and no one could ever deny.

Ultimately, these two words – ICH BIN, I AM – expressed the manifesto of consciousness. And precisely this moment, this I AM – Wow, I AM! – not yesterday, not tomorrow, not history, not name, just It – the Being – I am that, I AM – this perception, this amazement at this incredible fact that consciousness can become aware of itself – was the impetus for me to venture into this book. And to create this sign, not out of this consideration, but (…) out of a hunching game.

It was only today that i realized that with this sign i was also manifesting that i wanted to accept my suffering. Unconditionally like the I AM. And that through this, through conscious suffering, it was instantly soothed and made more bearable …


..then in the fall of 2023, the amazement at the beauty of this simplicity still present, i decided to go a pictorial step further and bring handwork into play. and because my hands deal almost daily with the four languages i have learned along the way, i decided to play in four languages:
deutsch, español, italiano and english.
for the fourth image i chose four languages that friends speak as their mother tongue – french, czech, dutch and finnish.









< image 1  I AM_ICH BIN
Edition 1/31
56 x 76 cm
Varnish UV print in the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black,
on Magnani 100% acid-free cotton paper, Toscana coarse grain 300g/m2

< image 2  I AM_at home

< image3  ICH BIN 4
Edition 1/12
50 x 68 cm
C-print on 120 g plotter paper

79 x 103cm
Acrylic paints, pencil and colored pencils

< image 5  ICH BIN DU
79 x 103cm
Acrylic paints, pencil and colored pencils