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March 2016 - ongoing
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IL DAILY NÄCHST – the daily next / il prsssimo cotidiano / das tägliche nächste

..after i did 1000 images on ILDAILYJETZT it became boring.. well, already before. Not that i didn’t like the practice anymore, but the rules i defined at the beginning. It was not allowed to interfere digitally on the photographs i did. I thought this would keep the images in the clear frame of the starting question or intent. But after so many images asked me to be manipulated via photoshop, i gave it up, did the 1000 i did promise to myself and started, after a sabbatical round, a new daily chapter – the nächst one – same ongoing scroll, same www.
But now/jetzt/adesso the photo and the graphic make the photographic. Important for me is that it need to be pop-up-minded, not a result of reflection and double-viewing.
Again – until 1000 i go. All images are made with my stupid smartphone.