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March 2016 - ongoing
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IL DAILY NÄCHST – the daily next / il prsssimo cotidiano / das tägliche nächste


After I realized 1000 photos in IL DAILY JETZT, I decided to post-process all the following pictures.

I noticed how often I thought of “graphics” during the shooting, or even before when looking at a motif – about a deformation, a reshaping or a further-shaping of what I saw.

The photo and the graphic make the Photo_graphy.

What interests me in it is again the exercise of the spontaneous, so to speak the refining of the intuitive moment, the free play with the NOW, the only moment in which life takes place.

These pictures are all at – all in an infinite scroll.

So all current ones, from the first to the number zero are the processed pictures, all below that are the unprocessed ones. And the pictures in the new series with the post-processed photos are also slightly larger.

This post-processing is more or less obvious, depending on the now-case. Sometimes its completely invisible.



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