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2017 - 2022 - ongoing
Jodoks and Laurenz' birthdays
Lisa and Johannes

My friends Lisa and Johannes asked me the first time in 2017 if I had an idea and if I would like to create a birthday book for Jodok’s first year. Yes, Idea and Like-a-lot!
Johannes brought the idea into play to base it on the POSTERCARDBOOK that I developed years ago with Pami – said, done.

Then came my tumor, followed seamlessly by Covid and in the middle of it all Jodok got a brother: Laurenz.

So this winter 2022 I had to catch up with 7 such books. What gave me pure joy page after page, because all of them show pictures of the two adventurers and the playful discovery of their worlds – pictures that of course i do not put online.

The idea of Lisa and Johannes is to give them the whole JODOKUMANTATION and respectively the whole LAURENZYKLOPÄDIE for their 15th birthday.
Until then, these Books (closed 15x17cm) will get only their best friends and the closest family.

< images, all covers of so far all books, open – back/spine/front 15 / 3 / 15 / 17cm (height)