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publishing house - street sale
Book - graphic, photography, illustration, layout
Papa "Amadou" Ngady Faye
the streets of Italy

This page shows the covers of the books I design for ModuModu.

From the first and third (children’s book) I also did the illustrations, from the second (philosophy book) also the layout and from the fourth ( short story) only the cover.

Papa “Amadou” Ngady Faye founded the ModuModu publishing house about 10 years ago. I always thought his idea was as simple as it was great: to translate a wide variety of texts from African into Italian and sell them exclusively on the street.

Meanwhile, Amadou supplies street vendors from Brescia to Palermo, through the sheer number of vendors he regularly sells between 15 and 25,000 books per season, ensuring the survival of many African family throughout Italy.

When I proposed to him the project with Lecce’s street map, he asked me if I wanted to design his books. Yep, with pleasure! I don’t want to charge anything for my work, being part of this fantastic project is reward enough for me, I finance my work with crowdfundings, or simply through other income.

In autumn of 2021, Amadou and I want to think about a new website for ModuModu and then start a crowdfunding to finance it. For a few months now, his wife has been able to move from Senegal to Italy, and she’d like to do all the shipping, if only we had a good, new and simple site. Stay tuned. There you’ll be able to see the whole PDF’s (I suppose).









< Babcar Gning, Storia di un Insegnante, 2023

< Bathie Samb, Il Leone della Taranga e il Topolino Coraggioso, 2022

< Babcar Gning, Il Principe delle Parole – Saggezza d’Africa, 2021

< Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Messaggio al Populo – Il Corsi di Filosofia Africana (Traduzione a cura di Matyas Tekle Selassie) 2021

< Sis Lav, Leoncino e le Quattro Esse, 2020

< Jean Louis Foumane Azombo, Buakata, Il Talismano perduto, 2020     (Foto: Leon Ell)