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any shape can be perceived as FOAM-BORN:
as a shape formed by a multitude of circles or spheres in 3 dimensions (think of bath foam).  as if the whole cosmos would be foam and here and there forms would appear to be formed out of it.

after the PCP – particular circular portrait of 2014, and various other studies with circles, which define other forms (bodies of humans, wild animals, fruits – which i want to publish at another time), i finally created in 2022 three conceivably simple circle-born figures – three potatoes, whose outlines are again formed solely from circle cutouts.

the potato appears with its space-constituting circular lines as an enchanting geometrical being.

the three images/c-prints measure 297 x 400 mm, the potatoes appear on them in about 150% size, and are commercial varieties from the south of Italy (Annabelle, Charlotte and Sieglinde).

the very meager visual art history of the potato gets herewith another example to the side. If you know of any other works, please let me know. I am only aware of the following three:

The Potato Eaters by Vincent Van Gogh, 1885,
The Potato Harvest by Jean Francois Millet, 1855, and
The Potato House by Sigmar Polke, 1967