2019 - 2021
exhibition KREISSAAL (immune part)
three pictures (pencil, ballpoint pen, highlighter, rubber stamps, and transfer pictures on paper)
Magazin4 / vorarlbergmuseum



the KREISSAL-month in Magazin4 spatially consisted of two parts – IMMUN and KOMMUN:
the active, loud and moving part of the circle with its guests and program, and the silent part with the pictures that were taken during my time in bed, respectively during the time of therapeutic preparation for my stem cell transplantation.

i am happy that after the event these pictures went into the collection of the Vorarlberg Museum.




< image 01 – the three images and their measurements
< image o2 – all the decals with all the listed medications I was given daily before the stem cell transplant after the last decal. above a kidney drawn with text markers
< image 03 – a diagram of about three months with my body temperature, weight and blood pressure, recorded every morning at 5 a.m. during the 5 minutes I waited for the thermometer to beep, i always drew on the same sheet of paper
< image 04 – all the diagrams i drew and kept with all the medications i had to take until the opening of the KREISSAAL