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spring 2021
Salon 13, femaleness festival
wood, balloon silk, fiberglass
marCo Koeppel, NEO architektur

..last fall 2021, when i organized the KREISSAAL at Magazin 4 in Bregenz, i also invited a few women from SALON13 to join me in the circle – an association for the cultivation of femininity in men and women. i read about them just some days before and became curious, how do you cultivate that?

When they introduced themselves to the circle, they did so via a small red tent. They told us that this tent was the central space in the annual festival of femininity, and that they wanted to develop a bigger one for it in the – hopefully not far – future.


i thought of DROPONE, which i had developed with Teresa Alonso Novo and marCo Koeppel about 20 years ago, and which is now in the Cittadellarte in Biella.
So i spontaneously proposed a red, blood red, larger drop tent. The women liked the idea, Teresa and marCO as well, and so we are currently in the middle of the process of a crowdfunding for DROPINA, as we call the red sister of the Dropone.


Instead of being a buggy drop, like the Dropone, that can’t stand on its own, Dropina is an independent structure. For the crowdfunding, I designed several “rewards”, a poster, a postcard set and a t-shirt. And i was happy to collaborate one again with marCo / NEO architecture, grazie mille cuore grande!


< image 01-05 structure studies marCo / NEO architecture

< image 06 Poster

< image 07, 08, 09 Postcard Set

< image 10 T-Shirt

< image 11 model 1:20