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JETZZZZT_01 – ongoing (noooow_01)

This title refers to IL DAILY NOW, a purely visual blog that I have been running since August 2013 at*. This is what I wrote about it at that time…

an exercise in spontaneity and responsibility in close collaboration with daily life. Moments that choose me, more than vice versa. If a picture is taken before the ‘word-spirit’ can interact with the moment and construct the conflict of deciding on ‘point of view’, ‘detail’ etc., then taking a picture is not a decision, but a ‘free act’. Today I would say: a clear vision that is not separated from what is seen.

This practice/exercise aims solely at the JETZT (now) – at the triggering moment of being touched and the simultaneous touching of the shutter release.

Seen in this way, it represents a kind of meditation, and as such it became more and more important to me, as it became increasingly clear to me what a balancing, “healthy” and inspiring antithesis it is to my other, more complex, socially interacting and contextual projects, such as e.g. LECCEBILITÀ.

After leaving the first 1000 photographs completely unedited, I decided to be allowed to rework the following images. So until today (as of 02/03/2020) another 711 pictures** have been taken, all are more or less obviously rigged.

From these pictures I chose the first four for the first JETZZZZT – four nows.

Four nows, all of which have been reworked. But I am not interested in the manipulation or the conflict between “original” and “fake”, but the photo_graphical as such and again the spontaneous and intuitive as the first criterion of a realization.

The fact that I arrange four pictures as four quadrants in a strict coordinate system around a center follows the question of what kind of narrative four now are capable of. For when I later scrolled through the pictures I noticed again and again how these are connected, continue or visually deepen without me consciously creating such connections. And finally, it is also simply due to the wish to free some of these images from their virtual cage.

Overlooking the pictures and their unconscious, i.e. unplanned connections, I decided to limit the respective time span of each JETZZZZT to 1 month. Each JETZZZZT is only available once (plus an E.D.A.version for exhibitions).


* more about the background of the ILDAILYJETZT under:

** at you can find all 1711 pictures in one
vertical scroll. Find from the current screen down to screen 001_05/03/16
the post-processed images from which I generated the first JETZZZZT.
The first 1000 unedited images follow.


< JETZZZZT_01 03/2020

< JETZZZZT_02 03/2020

< JETZZZZT_03 03/2020 (S.V.)

< JETZZZZT_04 03/2020

< JETZZZZT_05 03/2020

< JETZZZZT_06 05/2020 (S.S.)

< JETZZZZT_07 05/2020 (P.R.)